Environmental Management Policy (ISO 14001:2015)

UNIFINE STAR PETROCHEMICAL PTE LTD integrates ISO 14001:2004 EMS into every aspect of our operations - Sales and marketing including business development and customer support activities, purchasing, finance and administration, operations including production, QA, delivery, storage and maintenance.

Consistent with the Policy statement set forth above, UNIFINE STAR PETROCHEMICAL PTE LTD will:

  1. Manage environmental aspect related to the company’s scope and services.
  2. Establish framework for setting & reviewing environmental objectives & targets to achieve continual improvement in overall operation environmental performance.
  3. Compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations, hazardous waste generated in its operations.
  4. Establish and maintain system and audit them by means of a systematic, documented verification process to ensure continuous improvement.
  5. The company also fosters employee awareness about the importance of environment, health and safety standards through training and other programs.
  6. Prevent pollution through management of waste and emissions; improve efficiency of energy use and conserve other natural resources.


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